“You’re gonna miss me by my walk, you’ll miss me by my talk, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…”

I listened to “Cups (You’re gonna miss me)” on repeat for about 2 hours today. Not the original version by Lulu and the Lampshades, which apparently is based on a 1930s song by the Mainers Mountaineers. But I guess it’s “original” in the sense that Lulu made up the hand movements with the cups?

Random trivia aside, I’ve been listening to the one by Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect. I just prefer Kendrick’s voice more.. seems more honey-coated yet crisp and clear, and suited to singing this kind of song. Is it my biased self talking? Who knows. My ears like what they hear.

But the song made me think a bit. It made me want to ride a train, actually. It made me want to time travel back to the 1930s/50s and travel across the North American continent with nothing more than the clothes on my back and a small bag of things. Kind of like how unemployed people used to train-hop illegally onto freight trains to get to places that gave hopes of employment. I want to see tall golden wheat fields complete with dying-but-not-dead shrubs and a gorgeous sun setting in the background, all while dangling my feet out of  the side of an open boxcar. Maybe I’d even learn to play a couple tunes on a harmonica.

freight_train image-1

Anyways, it just made me nostalgic for an experience I’ve never had but wish I did, and one that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon haha. It’s a pretty romanticized view anyways… actual train-hopping involved HUGE risks, often ending in lost limbs and lost lives.

In a larger sense, I guess I kind of just want to learn to be more flexible and fluid.. it’s so hard to say when and where and in what aspects of my life do I want to be more “flexible and fluid,” but I was just thinking it’d be nice to take a trip and not do too much planning and just let events unfurl naturally. It could also be extremely stressful… all the frustration that comes from not planning and not knowing what comes next–I’m hoping that having a “flexible” mindset would mean erasing all this frustration. So… maybe I’ll try to do this trip sometime in June.

I was kind of hoping for a sight like this, I guess.

I was kind of hoping for a sight like this, I guess.

Or a sight like this?...

Or a sight like this?…


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